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Frequently asked questions
What is GmailSMS?
This is a service with which you can send free text messages (SMS) to your friends or associates mobile phone directly from your Gmail account on your computer. Learn more
How can I use this service?
First you will have to sign up for a Gmail account from Google. Learn more
How does it work?
To know how it works, click here
Who can I use this service with?
You can use this service the on the MTN network in Uganda and other carrier networks worldwide, see list.
How much does it cost?
Sending and receiving a message from Gmail to MTN phone is free. Replying with an SMS from phone to Gmail, an MTN subscriber will be charged UGX110 per SMS.
How many SMS can I send using GmailSMS?
Each Gmail user account is provided a quota limit of 50 SMS. When a user receives an SMS reply from an MTN subscriber they earn 5 extra SMS, not exceeding the quota limit. Learn more