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Frequently asked questions
What is a Mobile Wallet (M-Wallet)?
A mobile wallet is an electronic account that is linked to a person’s mobile phone in which money can be electronically deposited and used the same as cash. Internationally, M-Wallets are used to pay for goods at stores, pay for public transportation, make donations, withdrawn as cash out of the wallet, etc.
What are the benefits of mobile money transfer?
It is a fast, reliable and convenient way for receivers to receive money directly onto their mobile phone. They can withdraw the money at any of MTN Mobile Money location. They can also use the funds to pay bills from their phone or top up airtime.
What does the sender pay to transfer money via Mobile Money International Money Transfer?
Charges for sending money to a mobile vary depending on the amount sent, the country from which it is being sent and the agent at which the money is being sent from. The Western Union Agent will advise the sender of all fees before the funds are sent.
Will the receiver be charged for receiving money?
There is no charge to the recipient for receiving mobile money transfer via Mobile Money, but all normal Mobile Money charges will subsequently apply if the receiver chooses to send money to another Mobile Money subscriber, withdraw cash etc.
What exchange rate will be used at the time the money is being sent?
Conversion will be done when the funds are sent. The sender will be advised before sending the money of the prevailing exchange rate, and the equivalent amount the customer in Uganda will receive on his or her Mobile Money account. For additional info the sender can visit any of the Western union agent location.
MTN Mobile Money allows customers to;
  • Send money to MTN customers and other networks
  • Receive money from other MTN Mobile Money subscribers
  • Pay bills like  Dstv and StarTimes subscription, water (NWSC), School fees among others
  • Pay for items or services at supermarkets, shops, hospitals, etc.
  • Buy MTN airtime for yourself or someone else
  • Carry out Bulk Payments like to construction workers, Casual workers etc…..
What is a MNO or mobile service provider?
A Mobile Network Operator (MNO) or mobile service provider is the provider of mobile phone services to the customer. These operators may offer mobile wallets (m-wallets) that can be tied to a mobile phone account where funds are withdrawn and deposited.
What is Mobile Money Transfer?
MMT is Mobile Money Transfer and is the generic name applied to mobile-enabled money transfer services – both domestic and cross-border. Essentially, it’s sending and/or receiving money with your mobile phone.
Who can use the Mobile Money International Money Transfer service (IMT)?
Any person registered for Mobile Money can receive money via IMT.
If the receiver does not have a Mobile Money account, they should visit any of MTN Agent outlets countrywide and will be advised on how to register and activate a Mobile Money account.
Does the recipient need to be a MTN Mobile Money customer?
Yes – the recipient must be a Mobile Money MTN customer to receive IMT. This is because the money being sent to them shall be credited to their Mobile Money account.
What is required in order to use the Mobile Money international Money Transfer Service?
How to register for MTN Mobile Money
  • Go to any MTN Service Centre or authorized MTN Mobile Money agent.
  • Present any of the following valid and original identification documents
Passport, Driver’s License, Company ID, Government ID, Tax Certificate, LC letter, Voter’s Card
  • Registration is FREE, a SIM swap (if required) is 1,500/-
Where in Uganda can they receive money sent to a Mobile Money account via IMT?
The receiver can go to any Mobile Money agent countrywide to withdraw funds.
How much time does it take for money sent to reach the mobile in Uganda?
The funds should reach the receiver in minutes once the money has been sent. The receiver will also get an SMS confirmation of the transaction and new balance amount of the Mobile Money account.
For IMT transactions using Western Union, what happens if the receiver isn’t registered for Mobile Money? 
A non-registered Mobile Money recipient will have to present the agent with:
  • An appropriate identification document
  • A token number and secret code (obtained from the sender)
You will then personally enter the secret code into the agent’s phone