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Frequently asked questions
Who can use the MTN BackUp service?
MTN BackUp is available to all our customers, both prepaid and postpaid.
Can somebody else synchronise their phonebook contacts with my account?
  • No one else can use their SIM card or handset to synchronise their phone book contacts with your account.
  • Remember, your account is associated only with your mobile number and only accessible with your password.
How does the MTN BackUp store my contacts?
  • MTN Backup copies all the contacts from your SIM card and stores a copy on the web.
  • If you have a compatible handset, MTN BackUp will also copy all the contacts from your handset and store a copy on the web.
How to activate MTN BackUp?
  • Go to the MTN Menu, select MTN Backup, and follow the prompts to register.
  • If the menu option is not currently available to you will need to swap your SIM card at your nearest MTN Service Center
How can I check which contacts have been saved synchronized on the web?
  • Upon registration you will receive a confirmation SMS with your log in details and password.
  • Please log onto the web self-care portal at if you would like to check
How secure is my information?
Your information is secure, and not accessible to anyone without your password.
Can I use the service while out of the country?
No, you will not be able to use the MTN BackUp while out of the country
Can I synchronise all contact details, for example, phone number, email address, location, etc?
  • SIM card synchronization enables you to store a copy of the name and phone numbers only.
  • Handset synchronization (via Sync ML) enables you to store a copy of all contact details.
  • Handset synchronization is possible for compatible handsets only
How many contacts can I synchronise?
  • SIM card synchronization enables you synchronise up to 250 phonebook contacts
  • The number of phonebook contacts that can be synchronized via handset synchronization (using Sync ML) will depend on the type of phone you have.
  • There is no limit to the number of phonebook contacts you can store on the web
Can I use MTN BackUp for more than one SIM card, if I have many SIM cards
You can only use this service with one number at a time.