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Frequently asked questions
What is the MTN Freedom offer?
The MTN Freedom is a PayAsYouGo offer that allows MTN PayAsYouGo customers to purchase 400 voice minutes in bulk at UGX8,000 and valid for up to 7 days to call other MTN subscribers.
Does usage of the bundle contribute to Cash Back?
Does usage of the bundle contribute to MTN 1-4-1 points' accumulation?
How are the calls on the bundle charged?

The bundles will be charged or depleted on a per-second basis for all.

What happens when my MTN Freedom bundle expires or is used up?
The subscriber’s normal per-minute or per-second plan will apply after expiry or depletion of the bundle. All on-net calls will be charged on the main account.  
Once the customer uses up their bundle minutes during a call, the charging will automatically revert to the main account without interrupting the call.
Can I use my bundle to send SMS?
No. The bundle can only be used for MTN voice calls.
Can I use my bundle whilst roaming?
No, the standard roaming rates will apply, see MTN Roaming for more information.
I’m an MTN corporate top-up CUG subscriber; can I use my bundle for my CUG calls?
No, CUG call rates take precedence over the MTN Freedom bundle.
I’m an MTN corporate top-up CUG subscriber; how can I use my bundle?
MTN Freedom bundles will apply to MTN calls outside the CUG.
I’m subscribed to use MTN Friends, how does that impact my bundle?
MTN Freedom takes precedence over any MTN Friends rates, as these are provisioned inclusive in the bundle.
Who qualifies for this service?

The service is available to all MTN PayAsYouGo customers except for those on MTN Family, Fixed-line, MTN 10 and Contract Staff.

How do I subscribe for the offer?
To purchase these voice minutes, a subscriber simply dials *150*2# and replies with any key then send to confirm purchase.
Can I subscribe for more than one bundle?
Yes, once the voice minutes on the subscriber account are depleted, the subscriber can purchase another bundle of minutes. However, the subscriber will not be allowed to purchase another bundle before the current/active bundle is depleted.
What if I don’t use my package in the one day (24 hours)?
The bundles expire exactly 7 days from time of purchase. So if you don't use them in a day you will still have another 6 days before they expire; you will receive an SMS notification when bundle is to expire.
Does it mean that if I subscribe at 2pm today, my package expires at 2pm seven days later?
And what happens to the unused minutes?
Unused minutes will be forfeit at the time of expiration.
How would I know how much is used of my bundle?
After every call you make using MTN Freedom account you will be notified of the number of minutes remaining in bundle and you can also keep track of minutes usage by dialing *157# 
Can I use my bundle to make calls to other networks?
No, these minutes can only be used to call MTN subscribers ONLY meaning MTN mobile, MTN fixedline and MTN payphones. Calls to other destinations; local and international shall be charged off your main account.