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Frequently asked questions
What is MTN Xtra Time all about?
MTN Xtra Time is a convenient service which enables a customer to access airtime on credit when he/ she runs out of airtime and is unable to recharge at the time.
How long is a customer allowed to pay back borrowed Xtra Time credit?
Customers are given a maximum of 90 days within which to pay back the credit from the time of depleting their Xtra Time credit amount.
How does a customer check their Xtra Time balance?
To check balance dial *146*4#  ok.
Can a customer share their Xtra Time airtime via Me2u?
No, Xtra Time airtime is not transferable via Me2u and customer care.
How does the customer know the Xtra Time message is not a hoax?
All valid SMS notifications will come from “MTN”
Who is eligible for MTN Xtra Time?
All MTN prepaid customers are eligible for MTN XTRA Time credit. They must have been on the MTN network for at least 6 months, had their sim card active within the past 90 days, and must have been using airtime worth at least 10,000/- every month over the past 6 months. Lastly, they must have a minimum airtime balance of not more than 299/- at the time of requesting for Xtra Time credit.
What should a customer do to access the service?
A customer simply dials *146# ok to enjoy the service.
How do I know that I have received Xtra Time Credit?
A customer will receive sms notification reading: Y’ello; your account has been topped up with xxxx payable not later than xx-xx-xxx. Please load airtime to pay back in time. Thank you.
What happens if I am unable to access Xtra Time Credit?
A customer will receive an sms notification indicating the reason as to why they are unable to access the service.
How much is it to access Xtra Time Credit?
A customer shall be charged only 10% of the credit which they borrow, and use all the rest to make calls or send sms’. For example, if the Xtra Time credit received is 1,000/-, the usable airtime value shall be 900/-, while 100/- shall be the charge for the Xtra Time credit.
What Xtra Time credit amounts are available to a customer?
500/-, 1,000/- and 1,500/- only. A customer shall be prompted to choose the amount they need upon dialing *146#
What can a customer do with the Xtra Time Credit?
Send sms or make calls to both MTN to MTN, as well as to non-MTN customers.