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MTN Umeme Touch Pay is a Bill payment option on the MTN Mobile Money menu which enables the mobile user to pay their Umeme Electricity bills off their Mobile Money Account. 

Below are the MTN Umeme Touch Pay Terms and conditions of use of the product:

  1. The Service is available to all MTN Mobile Users.
  2. All MTN Mobile users will need to be registered MTN Mobile Money account holders.
  3. All MTN Mobile Money menus have been upgraded with the Umeme Touch Pay menu.
  4. In case a customer menu has not been upgraded, they should call our Toll Free Mobile Money helpline 122.
  5. To undertake the transaction, the registered Mobile Money user should go to their phone’s Mobile Money menu, enter the pay bills section, select Umeme Touch pay, and thereafter follow the guiding prompts.
  6. In order to be able to conclude a transaction, the mobile user will need to enter an UMEME customer account number. 
  7. Only postpaid Umeme accounts are enabled to conclude the mobile money payment transaction.
  8. The mobile user should have money on their mobile account enough to cover the amount which he wishes pay. In addition to this amount, the user should also have enough money to cover the transaction fee as listed in 23 below. 
  9. MTN is not obliged to refund amounts paid onto a wrong Umeme account. The user is advised to seek help from Umeme in case of such a challenge. The numbers to contact in this case are outlined in 20 below.
  10. MTN is not responsible in case the above recommended contact numbers are changed. The customer is advised to physically visit Umeme in case of failure to reach them through this means.
  11. The service is available 24 hours unless if otherwise communicated in different media during periods of down time and/ or interruption in the service.
  12. Occasional delays in completion of the transaction and/ or sms reports of successful or failed transactions may be expected during times of network interruptions. 
  13. In case of persistent service interruption, the customer should contact MTN directly, through its different service centers, through email customerservice@mtn.co.ug, or call the Mobile Money helpline on 122. 
  14. The service is set up to enable transaction in Uganda Shillings.
  15. The service is not enabled to conclude transactions involving amounts entered in form of decimal figures.
  16. MTN’s liability for the transaction seizes at the point of successful completion of the Umeme bill payment which is communicated by means of a report sms to the transacting mobile user.
  17. MTN does not guarantee reversal of a transaction which has already been effected and passed onto the Umeme system. The Customer is advised to contact Umeme in case of any such occurrence.
  18. MTN can only support in reversing a transaction which has not yet entered the Umeme system.
  19. MTN reserves the right to discontinue, terminate or suspend a transaction or user account if it is established that the user is abusing the Umeme Touch Pay service in any way.
  20. Matters of reconnection, updating or reconciliation of the MTN Mobile user’s Umeme account should be directed to Umeme through its different service centers, or through the customer helpline 0312 185185
  21. MTN Mobile Money Pay Bill transaction limits apply to this product as well.
  22. All other applicable MTN Mobile Money Consumer Terms & Conditions as published in different platforms also do apply to this product.
  23. The following charges apply to the MTN Umeme Touch pay service:

      Bill amount   Transaction charge
       5,000 – 125,000   400
      125,001 – 250,000   700
      250,001 – 500,000   1000
      500,001 – Above   2000