Funding Guidelines
Project Areas

The MTN Uganda Foundation was launched late 2007. It is the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of MTN Uganda that carries out various charitable projects within the communities it operates.
From 2013 going forward, the MTN Uganda Foundation will focus on three programme areas to guide its interventions.

These include:

  • Education
  • Health
  • National Priority Areas (NPAs)-these will be guided by the National Budget priority areas for each year.
Support under the MTN Foundation will be guided using the following budget allocations:

Education is MTN Group’s core priority area, and other investments should seek to reinforce education objectives.

The Case for Education: Stats
  • The World Economic Forum’s 2010/11 Global Competitiveness Report included 10 MTN–MEA countries among the 139 it evaluated on 12 metrics:
  • If averaged, they would rank 105/139 in overall competitiveness
  • In Health & Primary Education – Average Rank: 117/139
  • In Secondary Education & Training – Average Rank: 113/139
  • In Technological Readiness – Average Rank: 110/139
  • Poor educational performance is the primary impediment to MTN-MEA countries’ economic competitiveness
The Case for Education: Crisis
  • Sub-Saharan Africa: 42% of the population is presently under age 15
  • Less than 75% youth literacy in MTN-MEA countries (15-24 years old)
  • Gross Enrolment Ratio of less than 40% for secondary school age population
  • 28/100 Nigerians are regular internet users: highest among MTN-MEA countries
The Case for Education: Opportunities
  • One additional year of education adds about 10% to a person’s earnings in the developing world
  • Improving educational performance could add up to 2 percentage points to countries’ GDP per capita growth by 2050
  • Modest improvements in educational performance would help low income countries achieve $1,000 per capita incomes 14 years sooner than at present growth rates