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MTN Mobile Internet

Enjoy World-class Internet with MTN. Our network - 2G (GPRS, EDGE), 3G+ HSDPA (7.2Mbps, 14.4Mbps, 21.6Mbps and 42Mbps) and 4G LTE ensures that you’ve got access to your email, browsing, downloading and social networking 24/7.

With MTN, you can also enjoy 15MB extra as a reward for the first 30MB that you load each month effective July 1st.

Manage your MTN Mobile Internet account

Visit the portal at OR You can dial *150*1# and access any of the following services.

You can buy a bundle.

  • You can buy a bundle for another number
  • You can check your internet bundle balance.
  • You can activate the per kb if your bundle has run out by selecting Use Airtime Account.
Prepaid .
  Bundle   Validity
  (UShs)                    Short Code
  15MB   Once every month after using your first 30MBs that month
  10MB   24 hours   300 *150*20#
  20MB   500 *150*21#
50MB 1,000 *150*22#
100MB 1,800 *150*23#
  50MB   1 Week   1,800 *150*24#
100MB  3,000 *150*25#
25MB   1 Month   1,500 *150*26#
100MB   4,500  *150*27#
500MB   20,000   *150*29#
  1GB   35,000 *150*30#
2GB 50,000 *150*31#
  3GB   60,000 *150*32#
 5GB   90,000 *150*33#
 10GB   125,000  *150*34#
 30GB   285,000 *150*35#
 1GB   3 Months   45,500  *150*36#
2GB 65,000  *150*37#
 3GB   78,000  *150*38#
 5GB   117,000 *150*39#
 10GB   162,500 *150*40#
 30GB   370,500 *150*41#
Night Shift
1 GB
2,500  *150*50#
MTN PayAsYouGo 0.8 0.8  N/A

NOTE : MTN has reduced Data rates as highlighted in RED.

  Bundle   Validity
   (UShs)                       Short Code
  1 Month   4,500 *150*27#
  500MB   20,000 *150*29#
  1GB   35,000  *150*30#
  2GB   50,000  *150*31#
  3GB   60,000 *150*32#
 5GB   90,000 *150*33#
 10GB   125,500 *150*34#
 30GB  285,500  *150*35#

Please Note;
  • Bundle validity is based on date and time of purchase i.e. a 10MB bundle valid for 24 hours that is activated at 11:30am on Monday, will expire on Tuesday at 11:30am.
  • You can top up your bundle before it expires. e.g. if you have 100MB that is expiring tomorrow 11:30am and you have used only 60MB – when you top up before 11:30am with another 100MB you will have 140MB in total. 
  • When you purchase multiple bundles, they are totalled up into one bundle with one expiry date. 
  • Any unused balance when a bundle expires will be forfeited. 
  • When your bundle expires, you will be redirected to the MTN Mobile Internet selfcare page where you can activate another bundle or activate per Kb charging. 
  • Using the MTN Mobile Internet selfcare page you can load bundles for yourself or another number as well as checking bundle balance.
  • You can also use Payway services to buy MTN Mobile Internet bundles. Visit the following locations.
  • All rates are tax inclusive.
  • Per kb rate: UGX 0.80
  • 1,000 bytes = 1KB; 1,000KB = 1MB etc
Setting up your phone for the first time
Using your internet compatible Handset g
et the required data settings by either:
  • Send a BLANK SMS to short code 188.
  • Accept & save the settings that you receive as Default.
  • For some phones, you will be prompted to save the settings as Default, press Yes/Ok.
  • To setup the phone manually, insert the details below;
Profile Name :
APN (Access Point Name) : internet
Proxy :

Proxy Port :
Session mode:
**Leave this Blank**
Username :
**Leave this Blank**
Password :
**Leave this Blank**

 Note: Consult your handset manual for the accurate procedure of the settings input.

Update your Modem Software.  
  • This is an update for your MTN Mobile Internet Modem interface.
  • Click HERE to begin.
  • Click Open or Run.
  • Open the folder marked Modem Update.
  • Then click on the file named Setup.exe
  • Click YES when the pop-up appears.
  • In case of any problems, click HERE to contact us.   
Note: MTN Internet Service Terms & Conditions apply and customers are advised to abide by the MTN Internet Fair Usage Policy