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Frequently asked questions
How do I stay connected to the MTN network?
A customer will stay connected to the MTN network "for life" provided he or she does any one of the following within a period of 90 days:
  • Make at least one call.
  • Receive a call.
  • Send SMS.
  • Receive SMS.
  • Load any denomination of airtime.
  • Load an MTN PayAsYouGo Plus voucher.
Can I buy airtime through MTN MobileMoney if I’m out of the country?

Yes, as long as there is a MobileMoney value in your account and you have Roaming activated on your line.

How safe is my money?

If registered your money is safe since every transaction requires identification in form of a secret PIN. This is enhanced by use of a verification code for any message from MTN MobileMoney.

Will my transactions be limited to the Agent where I registered?

No. You will be able to carry out transactions at any MTN MobileMoney Agent countrywide regardless of where you registered initially.

Is a photocopy of my Passport or ID sufficient to register or do cash transactions at an Agent?

No. You will need to present your original Passport or any of the Identification listed here.

I received a verification code and my welcome message, but the MTN MobileMoney transacting MENU has not come through?

Go to MTN Menu applet in your phone menu, select Mobile Money, select Registration and follow the prompts. Once you have successfully obtained a PIN, the Menu will flip over from the registration menu to the transacting menu. In the unlikely event that this doesn’t work call customer service on 100 for PAYG and Pay Monthly.

What happens if I lose my SIM?

Call customer service helpline 100 for PAYG and Pay Monthly to have your Mobile Account suspended. This action automatically suspends your MobileMoney account as well. Once your account is in suspension it will not be accessible to anyone, thus securing any funds you have in the account.

Now proceed to get a new SIM card and also a SIM Swap to retain your original mobile number and activate your new SIM.

Once your line is active, you will then need to call customer services on 122 to activate your MTN MobileMoney account, enabling you access to the MobileMoney Menu, features and most importantly your funds on the account.

How many times can I change my MTN MobileMoney PIN?

Currently, there is no limit to the number of times you can change your MTN MobileMoney PIN.

When will my MTN MobileMoney PIN number expire?

Your MTN MobileMoney PIN number does not expire. You may however, change your MobileMoney PIN at any time that you wish.

What happens if I do not get an SMS from MTN MobileMoney confirming the transaction?

On occasion there is a delay in receiving your SMS confirmation from MTN MobileMoney, if this happens contact MTN Customer Service helpline on 122 or through the MobileMoney MENU.

Can I top-up or purchase MTN airtime if I am a Pay Monthly customer?

Pay Monthly - talkTime customers can only top-up or purchase airtime for other customers with MTN PayAsYouGo Mobile Accounts, but not their own Pay Monthly account.

Is it possible to top-up airtime for unregistered users using MTN MobileMoney?

Yes, you can top-up or purchase MTN airtime for any MTN PAYG number through your MobileMoney account.

What do I do in case of a wrong transfer?

Call the MTN MobileMoney helpline, on 122 toll-free or through your MobileMoney MENU, immediately in light of this discovery.

Where can I load (credit) my MTN MobileMoney account from?

From any MobileMoney Agents with Agent Signage countrywide and MTN Service Centres, find your nearest Agent here

What is the difference between a registered MTN MobileMoney customer and an unregistered customer?

A MTN MobileMoney registered customer’s SIM card has the full MobileMoney MENU and is able to carry out all the service features. While an unregistered customer can only go to an agent to withdraw the cash sent to him/her, but cannot carry out other MobileMoney transactions.

Can I use MTN MobileMoney if my line is expired?

No, you cannot use MTN MobileMoney with an expired line, since MTN MobileMoney is dependent on active lines.

Does MTN MobileMoney work across local networks?

Yes, as a registered customer you can send money to another mobile user's phone on another local network (Zain, UTL, Orange or Warid). Although MTN MobileMoney features are only available to MTN registered customers only.

Can I use my MTN airtime to top-up my MTN MobileMoney account?

No, your MTN MobileMoney account is completely separate from your MTN mobile account. Therefore does not allow the substitution of airtime into a MobileMoney value. However you can use your MobileMoney account to buy MTN airtime for your own or another MTN number.

I already have a bank account; can I access it using MTN MobileMoney?

No, your MobileMoney account is separate from your bank account.

Do I need to pay any service charges for having a MTN MobileMoney account?

No, your MTN MobileMoney is free of service charge, but you will have to pay a charge for transactions (sending and withdrawing) carried out at a minimal fee. See the MTN MobileMoney rates.

Do I need to have a minimum amount in my MTN MobileMoney account?

No, you can have a minimum of UGX 0 and a maximum of UGX 50,000,000 at anytime.

What is blackberry?

It is a wireless handheld device which supports Push Email, internet faxing, web browsing, Mobile Telephone services such as voice calling and text messaging; as well as other wireless information services. Information delivery is over the wireless data networks of a Mobile Phone Service Company.

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How do I pay my DSTV bill?

1.     Go to the MTN Menu in your phone menu
2.     Select Pay Bill
3.     Select DStv
4.     Enter your DStv smart card number
5.     Enter the amount for the bouquet you are paying for
6.     Enter your MTN Mobile Money PIN
Which is my Smart Card number?
DSTV provides you two numbers:
  • Customer Account number (8 digits)
  • Smart Card number (11 digits)
To pay your bill enter the 11 digit number
How do I confirm the price of DStv bouquet I want to pay for?
By dialing onto the MTN Menu: *160*3*2*1#