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ACCOUNT: means your MTN Network Digital Access Fingerprint, being the record maintained by us of your Mobile transactions from time to time held by you.
AGENT: means person(s) registered by MTN to provide the MTN franchise Services
AGREEMENT: means these Conditions of Use together with the Registration/Application Form.
AIRTIME: means the monetary balance on an account. The call time related to that airtime is based on the call rates related to the package chosen.
BROADBAND: means high-speed Internet access that provides connection, upload, and download speeds faster than dial-up access. Broadband does not require the use of a modem, whereas dial-up access does.
CHARGES: means the Tariffs and other charges payable under this Agreement for the MTN products and Services.
CUSTOMER: means you and every other person in whose name an Account for MTN Services is registered.
CUSTOMER SERVICE: means an MTN authorized Customer Care Department assisting customers with any inquiry.
GOODS AND SERVICES: means such goods and services as may be purchased.
EDGE: meansEnhanced Data rates for GSM Evolutionis a backward-compatible digital mobile phone technology that allows improved data transmission rates, as an extension GPRS.
FIXED LINE: means a landline or an immovably fixed phone that connects through a physical wire or wirelessly to a telecommunications network.
GPRS: meansGeneral Packet Radio Service, enabled phones are capable of receiving and sending data information, including Internet and e-mail.
GSM: means Global System for Mobile communications - originally from Groupe Spécial Mobile is the most popular standard for mobile phones in the world.
MOBILE EQUIPMENT: means your Mobile Phone, SIM Card and other equipment which when used together allows access to MTN Services and, in each case, is approved for use within the Republic of Uganda by the relevant authority.
MOBILE PHONE: means your mobile or cellular device handset.
MOBILE MONEY AGENT: means an MTN Mobile Money franchise operator and service provider.
MOBILE MONEY: means the proprietary cellular phone money transfer service which is marketed, managed, and operated exclusively by MTN in the Republic of Uganda.
WEBSITE: refers to the MTN Corporate Internet Portal on address:
MSISDN: means the Mobile Station Identification Number issued to you with the SIM Card and corresponding identity number and PUK for accessing the MTN network
NETWORK: means the Global System for Mobile telecommunication (GSM) system operated by MTN and covering those areas within the Republic of Uganda as stipulated from time to time by us.
ID: means the document associated with the form of identification provided.
Kbps: means Kilo bits per second = Kbps refers to data transfer speed over the networks (including the Internet) is calculated in terms of bits per second. The higher the kbps, or the more the bits transferred per second, the more speed or faster the network/connection.
OPERATOR: means the assistant dealing with you in requirement of assistance.
OUTLET: means any shop, unit or other retail premises operated by an MTN franchise Agent.
PAY MONTHLY: This is a post-paid billing service plan whereby the MTN customer pays a monthly bill based on usage of operation services i.e.: voice calls, SMS, mobile internet browsing etc.
PAY AS YOU GO: This is a pre-paid billing service plan whereby the MTN customer pays ahead for airtime with the use of recharge vouchers, also abbreviated as PAYG.
PAYMENTS/BILLS: means money paid for the purchase of an equivalent service.
PLAN: means a package in an agreement between MTN and customer on how much calls and services will cost. MTN offers multiple Voice and Data packages for personal, business, and public solutions.
RECHARGE VOUCHER: means pre-paid phone airtime, calling credit on the MTN Network.
REGISTRATION/APPLICATION FORM: means the form containing registration details and acceptance of these Conditions of Use by you.
SERVICE: meansanoffertory of a wide range of MTN facilitations, or additional features, that MTN customers’ who subscribe to a plan can utilize either chargeable or for free.
SIM CARD: means a Subscriber Identity Module - SIM - on a removable card which securely stores account information for a mobile customer. The SIM card allows a users device to access the network telephony and broadband services.
SMS: means aShort Message Service - SMS - is a communications protocol allowing the exchange of short text messages between mobile phones.
TARIFF: means actual charges for use of the Services as published on the MTN Uganda Web-Site.
TARIFF GUIDE: means a catalogue published for the Tariffs payable for the Services rendered, as updated from time to time.
TRANSACTIONS: means any of the System activities carried out.
USER MANUEL: means a document describing a Device or System and its use.

YOU or YOUR:  means the Customer.